These holdings represent some of the most passionate, scathing, and sometimes amusing attempts to criticize and resist the public and private campaigns to promote cyberschooling, online education or distance learning.


Business Week Online - CyberWasteland: A Talk with Clifford Stoll --

Kraut, Robert, et. al. - Internet Paradox: A Social Technology That Reduces Social Involvement and Psychological Well Being? --

Mohammed, Emir A., So Your Interested in Post-Secondary Distance Ed., huh? --

Oppenheimer, Todd - The Computer Delusion --

Shalizi, Cosma Rohilla - What Are the Alternative Technologies? --

Shalizi, Cosma Rohilla - What are the Links? --

So Your Dog Has a Ph.D.: Diploma Mills and Accreditation Policy in Ontario - the Node networking --

New York Times -- Technology Critic Takes on Computers in Schools --

High Tech Today - Highlights of Interview with Clifford Stoll --

Online Materials

Friesan, Norm -- Computers and the Self: A Dialectic of Enlightenment? --

Guernsey, Lisa - Is the Internet Becoming a Bonanza for Diploma Mills? - Chronicle of Higher Education --

Gur-Ze'ev, IIan - Knowledge, Violence, and Education --

Hara, Noriko, and Rob King - Student's Distress with a Web-based Distance Education Course --

Luke, Carmen -- ekstasis@cyberia --

Luke, T. W., The Political Economy of Cyberschool: Rethinking "Instructional Technology" and the Suitability of Cyberspace as an Educational Environment --

Katz, Richard N. - Competitive Strategies for Higher Education in the Information Age --

Mann, Charles C ., Who Will Own Your Next Good Idea?--

Nelson, Erik - Education as the End to Crime --

Noble, David, F. - Digital Diploma Mills - PART I - The Automation of Higher Education --

Digital Diploma Mills - PART II - The Coming Battle Over Online Instruction --

Digital Diploma Mills - PART III - The Bloom Is Off the Rose --

Digital Diploma Mills - PART IV - Rehersal for the Revolution --

Stoll, Clifford - Silicon Snake Oil -- --

Stoll, Clifford - in brief --

Winner, Langdon - Automatic Professor Machine --

Young, Jeffrey R. - Author Warns Students - and Colleges - to Avoid On-line Education --

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