The attempt by various states and universities to address distance learning and online education are quite divergent. This section provides links to official documents and policies.


Penn State -- http://www.outreach.psu.edu/DE/ide/guiding_principles/ssi/section_1.html

Public Policy on Distance Learning in Higher Education: California State and Western Governors Association Initiatives -- http://olam.ed.asu.edu/epaa/v6n11.html

San Diego -- http://www.rohan.sdsu.edu/dept/senate/sendoc/distanceed.apr2000.html

University of Wisconsin, Madison -- Distance Education Clearinghouse -- http://www.uwex.edu/disted/home.html

Virginia Tech Cyberschool Policy Recommendations -- http://www.cyber.vt.edu/docs/whitepapers/execsumms.html

VT Policy 2020: Policy on Protecting Electronic Access Privileges -- http://www.vt.edu/admin/policies/1000/2020.html

Interest Groups and Think Tanks

CALEC, Center for Adult Learning and Educational Credentials, Guiding Principles: Learning Outcomes -- http://www.acenet.edu/calec/dist_learning/dl_outcomes.html

CHEA , Council for Higher Education Accreditation -- http://www.chea.org/Commentary/distance-learning-2.html#state-policies

CNMTL , Columbia Center for New Media Teaching and Learning -- http://www.ccnmtl.columbia.edu/about/index.html

GPA, Division of Government & Public Affairs - Developing A Distance Education Policy For 21st Century Learning -- http://www.acenet.edu/washington/distance_ed/2000/03march/distance_ed.html


Future of Networking Technologies for Learning - White Papers -- http://www.ed.gov/Technology/Futures/toc.html

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