This section contains a wide variety of research, teaching, and administraative resources for online education and distance learning.


Annenberg/CPB, --

ASK International, Knowledge Center --

Atlantic Monthly -- search results for "prophets of the computer age" --

BeCaL, Belief, Culture and Learning Information Gateway --

CALEC, Center for Adult Learning and Educational Credentials, Distance Learning: Information and Resources --

California Distance Learning Project --

Canadian Information Center for International Credentials - Postsecondary Education Systems - Inventory of Online Resources --

Comprehensive Examination --

CPA, Center for Policy Analysis - Academic Excellence and Cost Management National Awards Program - Search Distance Education and Innovative Uses of Information Technology --

Creative Technology --

Degree Net --

Digital Educaiton Navigator --

Digital Divide's New Frontier --

Distance Education and WWW Design --

Distance Education: A Primer --

Distance Education at a Glance - Guide # 10 --

Distance Education Clearinghouse --

Distance Educator's Desk Guide Online --

Distance Education Directory --

Distance Education on the WWW --

Distance Education - The Unoffical FAQ --

Distance Learning on the Net --

Distance Learning Resources --

DLRN, Distance Learning Resource Network --

EASI, Equal Access to Software and Information --

Dr. E's Eclectic Compendium of Electronic Resources for Adult/Distance Education --



e-GROUPS- Distance Learning -- --

EOS, Educational Online Sources --

FITAC, Faculty Information Technology Advisory Committee, Resources for Teaching and Learning with Technology -- --

Green Eggs Report --

Harvard Project Zero --

Heritage Foundation, How Free Computers are Bridging the "Digital Divide" --

Hungry Minds --

IHETS, Indiana Higher Education Telecommunication System, Distance Education Resources --

Learning Resource Server --

LearnIt Online --

Library of Congress: Digital Library Resources --

Library of Congress: Electronic Texts and Publishing Resources --

Library of Congress: European Collections, Science and Technology --

Library of Congress: Public FTP Site --

Library of Congress: Research Tools --

Library of Congress: SCTB, Science Tracer Bullets Online --

Library of Congress: Teaching with Technology Resources --

Maricopia --

Merlot-- A collection of teaching materials and artifacts enabling online education.Merlot


NHELP, NonProfit Technology --

Official FAQ (1 ) --

OFSET, Organization for Free Software in Education and Teaching --

OSC, Ohio Supercomputer Center webEd --

Penn State - Distance Education - Faculty Resources --

Report of the Task Force on Distance Education At San Francisco State University --

RIDE, Resources in Distance Education, Athabasca University --

soft IQ --

Teacher's Distance Education Handbook --

The Chronicle of Higher Education - Internet Resources --

The International Distance Learning Course Finder --

The "No Significant Difference Phenomenon" --

UltiBASE: A World Wide Web Service for Tertiary Educators --

Uuniversity of South Florida - Design Links --

USF Distance Learning Catalog --

Virtual Learning Community Resources --

Web Based Learning Resources Library --

WBT, Web-Based Training Information Center --

WICHE, Western Interstate Commission for Higher Education, Resources --

World Lecture Hall --

Wyndhaven --

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