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Chantal Chawaf

The Chantal Chawaf Newsletter provides interviews, articles, student papers, and news concerning the work of French author Chantal Chawaf. Previously in paper form, this newsletter is now available on the Internet, to allow students and scholars world-wide easier access.

The first issue of the Chantal Chawaf Newsletter appeared in print form in Spring 1997 (Volume I, Number 1). One subsequent double-issue also appeared in print: Summer-Fall 1997 (Volume I, Numbers 2-3). Both of these issues are available within this website -- click here. The first issue to appear online is Winter 1998 (Volume I, Number 4). The final issue of the Chantal Chawaf Newsletter is Summer-Fall 1998 (Volume II, Number 1). The editor of this newsletter was Dr. Kristin Switala.

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