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Internet Links

The National Museum of Women in the Arts in Washington, DC can be reached here.

There is a fascinating feminist art journal called N Paradoxa -- International Feminist Art Journal, which you can reach here.

Another wonderful feminist art journal, which is celebrating its 10th year, is Women and Performance: a journal of feminist theory. You can reach it here.

An excellent resource for feminist theory of cinema is Women in Cinema: A Reference Guide, which is here.

A good source for feminist theories of music can be found here.

The Inside the Visible: Alternative Views of 20th Century Art Through Women's Eyes at MIT press here.

A Link to the back issues of Third Text: Third World Perspectives on Contemporary Art and Culture, can be reached here.

You can reach "Early Music by Women Composers" here.

The Guerilla Girls homepage is here.

You can access the classic feminist film theory journal, Camera Obscura, here.

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      This page includes information on Aesthetic Theory, Art in General, History of Women Artists, Architecture, Dance, Film, Music, Painting and Sculpture, Performance Art, and Theatre.


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