The Chantal Chawaf Newsletter, Volume I, Number 1 (Spring 1997)


"Chawaf Web Site Launched," by Kristin Switala

A new source for information on Chantal Chawaf has been launched on the World Wide Web. The Site Chantal Chawaf can be reached at:

Produced and managed by Chawaf's son, this site contains eight sections, each with unique offerings.

The first section includes excerpts from Chawaf's works, along with brief synopses of her novels. This is followed by a section providing a complete bibliography of Chawaf's work, including her essays, novels, plays, and poetry. The third section gives a very brief statement concerning the writers which have had the greatest influence on Chawaf, along with some basic biographical facts, such as birthdate and familial situation.

In the fourth section, scholars will discover perhaps the most interesting feature of this website: the hand-written, crossed-out, and labored-over manuscript pages from several of Chawaf's novels. They have been brilliantly reproduced here, to give viewers a sense of the labor that goes into creating one of these works of art.

The fifth and sixth sections contain (respectively) a list of critical works on Chawaf and a statement concerning future projects. Finally, there is an email page where visitors to the site can send messages to Chawaf.

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