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Individual Feminists:

[This information contributed by
Sara Woody,
Elza Berquó,
and Elisa Sayeg.]

Margareth Arilha

Maria Betánia

Heloisa Buarque de Hollanda

Sónia Corréa

Benedita da Silva

Fátima de Oliveira

Ivone Gebara

Leila Linhares

Guacira Louro

Jaqueline Pitanguy

Marta Suplicy

Internet Sites:

The Global Exchange has a list of Brazil Women's Groups here.

You can access various Brazilian webpage links here.

You can reach the Vital Voices of the Americas: Women in Democracy website here.

Ud. puede accessar Voces Esenciales de las Américas: La Mujer en la Democracia aquí.

CFEMEA (Centro Feminista de Estudos e Assessoria) is one of the major feminist organizations in Brazil. The CFEMEA website contains an extensive list of feminist organizations in Brazil, with email and mailing addresses, telephone and fax numbers. You can reach their website here.

Lola: Revista Feminista Internacional (International Feminist Review) is available here.

LACWHN/RMSLAC is the Latin American and Caribbean Women's Health Network, which you can reach here.

Ud. puede accessar Fempress, un red de comunicación alternativa de la mujer, aquí.

Gineco.com -- ginecologia, obstetricia, informaçoes, perguntas e respostas aquí.

The United Nations Inter-Agency Campaign on Women's Human Rights in Latin America and the Caribbean has a website called, "A Life Free of Violence: It's Our Right," located here.

The Women and Gender in Latin America: Anthropology / Economics / Sociology webpage at the Univ. of California, Berkeley, has an extensive bibliography of Brazilian resources here.

Campanha contra v violencia intrafamiliar da Secretaria Nacional dos Dircitos Humanos e das Agencias das Haçoes Unides no Brasil: "Uma vida sem violencia é um direito nosso" aquí.

The International Women's Health Coalition (IWHC) has an webpage featuring its programs in Brazil here.


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