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Internet Sites

You can reach the Canadian Society for Women in Philosophy (CSWIP) here.

You can reach the Women's Program Faculty of Extension Women's Studies Links here. This site provides a wide array of links to sites across Canada.

Accéder à Études Féministes at l'Université Laval via la directrice, Renée Cloutier, ici.

Accéder à GREMF -- Groupe de recherche multidisciplinaire féministe -- at l'Université Laval ici.

You can read about "Canadian Women in History" here.

The Canadian Congress for Learning Opportunities for Women website can be accessed here.

The CRIAW -- Canadian Research Institute for the Advancement of Women website is here.

The Canadian Index - Feminism and Women's Resources can be reached here.

The Women's Research Centre in Vancouver can be reached here.


      This page contains information about feminism in Canada, specifically: General Information, Aesthetics, History, Literature, Multiculturalism, Politics, and Religion.


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