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Internet Links

B.a.B.e. (Be Active, Be Emancipated / Budi aktivna, Budi emancipirana) works for the affirmation and implementation of women's human rights and is located in Zagreb. You can access their website here.

Women's Organizations in Croatia here.


      Women's Organizations in Croatia:

      1. BISER -- This group was founded by women refugees living in Zagreb, and provides relief for women and children survivors of the war in the former Yugoslavia.
      2. Kareta -- This feminist group is dedicated to providing relief and assistance to women survivors of the genocide and sexual atrocities during the war in the former Yugoslavia.
      3. Zenska Infoteka -- This Women's Information and Documentation Center in Zagreb conducts seminars on political issues affecting women in Central Europe. Its mailing address is: 10 000 Zagreb, Varsavska 16/1, Croatia. Or you can email them here.
      4. Women's Studies Program in Zagreb
      5. The Network Women's Program -- Open Society Institute, which works to improve communications among women throughout the world. The Open Society Institute - Croatia has been supporting a wide range of women's NGOs in Croatia - both through the Network Women's Program and the Foundation's National Women's Program. Network programs include:

        1. Violence Against Women
        2. Women's Human Rights
        3. Breast Cancer Prevention
        4. Gender Studies and Integration

        National programs (projects) include:

        1. Women refugees
        2. Women's Information and Documentation Centres Centres for Gender Studies
        3. Sexual harassment and violence against Women Women in Rural Areas
        4. Political Participation of Women
        5. Inter-ethnic relations
        6. Breast Cancer Prevention

        OSI has given more than US$ 280,000 to women's groups this year through the National Program. You can contact them through Marina Skuric-Prodanovic here, or write to them at this postal address: Open Society Institute - Croatia, Hebrangova 21, 10000 Zagreb, CROATIA.


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