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The Feminist Theory Website provides research materials and information for students, activists, and scholars interested in women's conditions and struggles around the world. The goals of this website are: 1) to encourage a wide range of research into feminist theory, and 2) to encourage dialogue between women (and men) from different countries around the world. Hopefully, this will result in new connections, new ideas, and new information about feminist theory and women's movements.

The Feminist Theory Website has three parts: 1) various fields within feminist theory; 2) different national / ethnic feminisms; and 3) individual feminists. All of these parts are updated and expanded regularly. To access these pages, please click on the buttons in the left column.

Dr. Kristin Switala created the Feminist Theory Website. Dr. Karen Adsit, Dr. David C. Jacobs, Christina Lee and Jeremy Hunsinger provided support. This site is hosted by the Center for Digital Discourse and Culture at Virginia Tech University.

The Feminist Theory Website was initially published on the Internet on 6 November 1997. It is continually updated and expanded.

The Feminist Theory Website contains:

    5425 bibliographical entries
    0593 links to internet sites
    0684 paragraphs giving information

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