The Chantal Chawaf Newsletter, Volume I, Number 2-3 (Summer-Fall 1997)


Monique Saigal (Pomona College, USA) delivered a paper on Marie Cardinal and Marguerite Duras, entitled, "L'entre-deux et renaître par la parle," at the Northeast Modern Language Association conference in Philadelphia.

Evelyne Accad (University of Illinois at Urbana, USA) recently published an English translation of her book, Blessure des Mots: Journal de Tunisie. The translation, by Cynthia T. Hahn, in entitled, Wounding Words: A Woman's Journal in Tunisia. This book presents a first-hand account of the political upheaval in Tunisia and its effects upon women.

A new Internet website on Feminist Theory will be launched in mid-Fall, edited by Dr. Kristin Switala.

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