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The Center for Women's Rights (Centrum Praw Kobiet) in Warsaw is both an intervention center and lobbying group to change legislation so as to bring about equality in Poland. You can access their website in English here or in Polish here. You can email the Center through Urszula Nowakowska here. The mailing address is: Women's Rights Center, ul. Emilii Platter 55 m. 44, 00-113 Warsaw, Poland.

The Women's Foundation "eFKa" is the major feminist group in Krakow. They hold conferences and publish the feminist journal, "Pelnym Glosem" ("In a Full/Loud Voice"). You can access their website here. Their mailing address is: Fundacja Kobiece "eFKa", ul. Helclow 7, 31-148 Krakow, Poland.

The Center for the Advancement of Women in Warsaw can be reached via email here. The mailing address is: Center for the Advancement of Women, ul. Lwowska 17 m. 3, 00-660 Warszawa, Poland.

The Network Women's Program --Stefan Batory Foundation works to improve communication between women throughout the world. You can contact them through Dagmara Baraniewska here, or write to them at this postal address: Stefan Batory Foundation, ul. Flory 9, 4th Floor, Warsaw 00-586, POLAND.

Women's Organizations in Poland here.


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      Women's Rights Center (Warsaw). Mity i Fakty: przemoc w rodzine. (Myths and Facts: Domestic Violence).

      Women's Rights Center (Warsaw). Poznaj swoje prawa -- jesli jestes ofiara przemocy. (Learn Your Rights. -- If you are a Victim of Violence).

      Women's Rights Center (Warsaw). Prawa Kobiet w Konstytucji. (Women's Constitutional Rights).

      Women's Rights Center (Warsaw). Wykorzystywanie seksualne dzieci. (Sexual Abuse of Children).

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