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Internet Links

The "Nobel Prize Internet Archive" has a list of women Nobel Prize Laureates in Physics, Chemistry, and Physiology & Medicine. You can reach this list here.

Edinburgh University Press is launching a new feminist series on Gender, Science, and Technology. For more information, please contact the General Editor, Dr. Lynda Birke, here.

You can order copies of the journal, "Women and Health," edited by Jeanne Mager Stellman, from The Haworth Press, at this postal address: The Haworth Press, Inc., 10 Alice Street, Binghamton, NY 13904-1580. Free samples copies of this journal are available to libraries and faculty with library recommendation.

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      This page includes information on both the Natural and Social Sciences. The specific topics are: Science in General, Biology, Health & Medicine, Nature & Animals, Research Methodology, and Social Life.


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      Health & Medicine

        For information on Medical Ethics, click here.

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      Nature & Animals

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      Research Methodology

        [Note: Some of these titles were contributed by Stesha Day.]

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      Social Life

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