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Kumari Jayawardena

Sunila Abeysekera

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Chitra Fernando

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      There are many important women's organizations in Sri Lanka:

      1. The Women's Liberation Movement of Sri Lanka is dedicated to bringing more equal rights to the women factory workers in Sri Lanka. For more information, please write to: The Women's Liberation Movement of Sri Lanka, 54 Tudella, Ja-ela, Sri Lanka.
      2. CENWOR - Centre for Women's Research, which publishes materials concerning women's issues. For more information, please write to: CENWOR, Sri Lanka Association for the Advancement of Science, 120/10 Wijerama Mawatha, Colombo-7, Sri Lanka.
      3. The Hatton Women's Committee works with plantation workers (tamil women). They have three primary objectives: a) to raise the level of awareness and provide a forum for women in the plantations, b) to motivate, educate and train plantation women with a view to emancipate them from their current subordinate status and empower thyem to play a positive and equitable role in society, and c) to provide for the organization of plantation women in order to enable and develop their confidence, self-esteem and participation in decision-making. For more information, please write to: Hatton Women's Committee, c/o Anna Abeyasekara, Dunbar Road, Halton, Sri Lanka.
      4. Kantha Handa (Voice of Women) is a group which works with women refugees of ethnic fighting. They publish "Women's House" in 3 languages. For more information, please write to: Kantha Handa, 25 Kirula Rd, Colombo-5, Sri Lanka.
      5. PAWF - Pacific and Asian Women's Forum links together many different women's organizations in Asia and the Pacific. For more information, please write to: PAWF, 623/27 Rajagiriya Gardens, Rajagiriya, Sri Lanka.
      6. The Katunayake Women's Group works to improve the conditions for women factory workers and publishes a newsletter in Sinhala. For more information, please contact: The Kantunayake Women's Group, Periyamulla, Negombo, Sri Lanka.
      7. The Progressive Women's Front works to improve the conditions for peasant women and publishes a journal in Sinhala. For more information, please contact: The Progressive Women's Front, c/o Sumika Perera, Galketigama, Ibbagamuwa, Sri Lanka.


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