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Individual Feminists:

Elena Kabashnaya

Internet Sites:

Women's Organizations in Ukraine here.

You can contact The Network Women's Program -- International Renaissance Foundation Kiev through Natalia Karbowska here, or write to them at this postal address: International Renaissance Foundation - Kiev, 46 Artema Str., Kiev 254153, UKRAINE.


      There are many feminist groups in Ukraine:

      1. DANA is a non-governmental organization in the Mykolaiv region. It is dedicated to helping women in all areas of life and particularly with regard to improving legislation for women. You can access their website here. Their mailing address is: President of "DANA", Elena Kabashnaya, PO Box 104, 327015 Mykolaiv, Ukraine.
      2. Miroslava, the Kharkiv City Women's Club is an organization dedicated to increase the status of women in society and promote gender equality in Ukraine. You can access their website here. You can email them here. The mailing address is: Miroslava Mironositska str. 94, #42 310023 Kharkiv, Ukraine.
      3. The Dnipropetrovsk Women's Information Center is run by Olena Nazarenko and Ganna Voynich. The mailing address is: Dnipropetrovsk Women's Information Center, str.Artema 3-A fl.7, Dnipropetrovsk 320044, Ukraine.
      4. The "Femina" Crimean Business Club is organized by Tetyana Yevstafeva. The mailing address is: "Femina" Crimean Business Club, str. Sevastopolska 8 fl. 99, Simferopol 333013, Ukraine.
      5. The "Femina" Video Center is run by Sylviya Sergeychykova. The mailing address is: "Femina" Video Center, str. Urytskogo 32 fl. 60, Kyiv 252035, Ukraine.
      6. The "Femin-Inform" Center can be contacted through Galyna Rotaenko at this mailing address: "Femin-Inform" Center, Derzhprom 6 entrance 8 floor, Kharkiv 310022, Ukraine.
      7. The "Humanitarian Initiative" Feminist Association is run by Kateryna Levchenko and Nadiya Plyasova. The mailing address is: "Humanitarian Initiative" Feminist Association, str. Garibaldi 7 fl. 75 (Plyasovoy), Kharkiv 310142, Ukraine.
      8. The Kharkiv Gender Studies Center is maintained by Iryna Zherebkina and Tetyana Zhurzhenko. The mailing address is: Kharkiv Gender Studies Center, str. Lenina 67 fl. 26, Kharkiv 310096, Ukraine.
      9. The Lviv Women's Informational Center is run by Yuliya Tereshchuk. The mailing address is: Lviv Women's Informational Center, str. Teatralna 17, Lviv 290 000, Ukraine.
      10. You can reach the "Myroslava" Club here, or contact Tetyana Kononenko here. The mailing address is: "Myroslava" Club, str. Myronosytska 94 fl. 42, Kharkiv 310023, Ukraine.
      11. The Odessa Scientific Center for Women's Research is run by Lyudmyla Smolyar. The mailing address is: Odessa Scientific Center for Women's Research, Odessa-23, PO Box 97, Ukraine.
      12. The Sumy Gender Center is organized by Olena Lutsenko. The mailing address is: Sumy Gender Center, str. Zalyvna 7 fl. 65, Sumy 244000, Ukraine.
      13. The "Tviy Shans" (Your Chance) Women's Organization is run by Nataliya Samolevska. The mailing address is: "Tviy Shans", Pervomaysk, Mykolayivska 329810, Ukraine.
      14. The Women's Consultation Center of Transcarpathia is run by Mariya Zilgalova. The mailing address is: str. Chelyuskintsiv 10 fl. 24, Uzhhorod 294015, Ukraine.


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      Marsh, Rosalind, ed. Women in Russia and Ukraine. Cambridge Univ. Press, 1996.

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