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Linda Martin Alcoff

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Feminists on other sites:

Judith Butler

Andrea Dworkin

Donna Haraway

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Cindy Sherman

Laurie Shrage

Internet Sites:

You can reach the National Organization for Women (NOW) here.

You can reach the Feminist Majority Foundation here.

The Girl Scouts of the USA can be reached here.

You can access Feminista!, the online journal of feminist contruction here.

The Global Fund for Women is a grantmaking foundation that provides flexible, timely financial assistance to women's groups around the world. Their giving focuses on enabling women to participate fully in all aspects of their societies. Their grantees address a wide variety of issues critical to women. Some of these are women's political participation and leadership, poverty and economic opportunity, women's rights in religious traditions, reproductive health and choice, lesbian rights, violence against women, and access to communications technology and to the media. They support work on emerging issues as groups make us aware of their importance to women. Since its inception in 1987, the Global Fund has given over $10 million to 1,030 grassroots women's groups in 130 countries and territories. Each year, they raise all the funds that they give away in grants, as well as their operating costs. They do not have an endowment -- they rely on the support of many generous individuals, corporations, and foundations. For more information, or to make a donation, you can visit their website here, or email them here. Their postal address is: The Global Fund for Women, 425 Sherman Avenue, Suite 300, Palo Alto CA 94306-1823. USA.

Equality Now is an international human rights organization working for the protection and promotion of women around the world. Their Women's Action Network is comprised of nearly 4000 groups and individual activists in over 100 countries. All of their Women's Actions can be seen on their website, which is in French, English, Spanish and Arabic. You can access this site here. For more information, you can email Equality Now here.

Ud. puede accessar Fempress, un red de comunicación alternativa de la mujer, aquí.


      This page includes information on different aspects of feminism in the United States. You can select a specific ethnic group in the right-hand column, or one of these fields: Aesthetics, Economics, Literature, History, Politics, Psychology, and Religion.



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