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Electronic Mailing List (e-list)

For New Subscribers:
To subscribe to the HOPOS-g mailing list, send a message from the account you wish to use to HOPOS-g+subscribe@vt.edu.  You should receive a confirmation message at your subscription address after a brief interval.

For Existing Subscribers:

The HOPOS electronic mail discussion list, HOPOS-g@vt.edu is hosted by Google groups at Virginia Tech.  Previously, until August 2015, this list was managed as a listserv at the address, HOPOS-L@vt.edu.  The HOPOS-L address is no longer active, but all subscribers as of July 12, 2015, have been transferred to the new address and should have the same privileges as on the previous platform.  Basic user functions (posting and receiving messages, and unsubscribing) can be accomplished without using any online apparatus specific to Google groups.

To post a message to the list, send an email from your subscription address to HOPOS-g@vt.eduMessages sent from the list should appear in your normal email inbox automatically.  Please note that replying to messages from the list will send your response to the entire group by default.  To respond only to the author of the message, please forward your message to their address instead.

To unsubscribe from the mailing list, send a message from the account you wish to use to HOPOS-g+unsubscribe@vt.edu.

Managing your account settings (such as digest format and other options), or viewing the online list archive, can be done through Google groups.  This will require that you have an active Google groups account, which can be created either using your normal email address or by activating a new Gmail account.  Please note that if your subscription address is managed by Google at another organization than Virginia Tech, that organization may have established restrictions on your ability to view external groups.  If this is the case for you, you may need to create a new Google groups account in order to change settings or view archival information.  We are happy to help if you experience any problems (see below).

Questions about HOPOS-g policies can be directed to the list owner, David Stump (davidjamesstump@gmail.com). Technical inquiries about the performance of HOPOS-g or its user functions can be sent to the on-site manager, Tom Staley (tstaley@vt.edu).

The HOPOS web site is located at Virginia Tech and is administered by the Collaboratory for Digital Discourse and Culture and
Department of Science and Technology Studies. You may direct questions or comments regarding this page to: tstaley [at] vt.edu

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