Hi, I am a hypertext / electronic literature / new media / electronic expression addict. There is probably no hope for me, but you can avoid the temptations if you run fast...quick, turn off that computer. Do not think about the incredible possibilities offered by combining sound, images, motion, navigation, and structure into a symbiociation of meaning. Do not imagine telling a story from more than one character's viewpoint, showing paths between nodes that continue a theme, and weaving many connections of meaning. Do not wonder about new art forms.

Hmmmm... you are still around.Well, I can offer you a place to crash for a bit, a few links to explore: from the wonderful online community, a peek at my web bookshelf to find something to read, and a list of my works and links. Grab a cup of tea and make your own confessions for your addictions. Please email me (textra AT chisp.net) with additions and comments.

Don't expect fast updates, daily blogs, or great insights here.There are many great places to look, and I am keeping this list more for my own aid to memory than for any one else's aid to instruction. This isn't the best place to get your daily fix of stuff, but there is no shortage of places to explore.

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Web Journals
In the last few years, wonderful literary journals have taken root on the Web, and many showcase the best in new media poetry.

Several list groups for visual artists and new media poets and writers have sprung up, with attendant sites for members to place their work.



My electronic literary forays: (listed in chronological order on my cv)

Flash collaborations: The page_space collaborations explore relations between content and design.

The Princess Murderer is a game based narrative with sex and violence.

E: Electron is a love story based on the periodic table of elements, with a philosophical treatise woven in and around it.

Matrix poem: Firefly is a poem 6 lines long with 5 stanzas. However, each line is also 6 lines "deep." Click on the line to uncover ulterior meanings.
Flash imagery work: Experiments in backdrops of imagery and motion and sound for language.
Mystery novel/kanji-ku: Anna has disappeared and the only clue she leaves is an open internet connection. This is a complex layered work where 2 levels of kanji-kus serve as structure and framework. Come on in, the water's fine!

Kanji-kus--Kanji-kus are short poems based on the Japanese kanji or ideogram for the word itself. I want to explore the innate meanings inherent in the word.

Structural works: These works explore a structural theme using layout, imagery, words, and navigation.
Disk based work--These are my works from Eastgate Systems. Samplers is a foray into structural storytelling using Storyspace. Marble Springs is a HyperCard based work which explores the lives of women in a Colorado mining town.


Other stuff Syllabi
  • Eng 789: Technopoetry: Electronic Literature and New Media (Johnston, W) at Emory University, Graduate Program, Spring 2003 using Sea Whispers and Language of the Void
  • textual media [nclc375/engl360] syllabus, (Leslie Smith and Dean Taciuch)at New Century College & the Department of English George Mason University, Fall 2002, using Firefly
  • RDG 530 (John E. McEneaney) Fall, 2002 using Stained Word Window
  • EL170C Introduction to Creative Writing Poetry, at Middlebury College, Vermont, Spring 2002
  • English 278 Literature in a Wired World, at University of Maryland (Jason Rhody) using Samplers
  • LC3204 (Stephanie Stickland), at Georgia Institute of Technology, 2002, using What You See is not What I See in Currents.
  • English 698 Hypertext Design Studio at New Jersey Institute of Technology,(Chris Funkhouser)2000 and 2002, and using Ferris Wheels
  • Visualizing Narrative:Writing Spatially in the New Media Writing #6257 Fall 2001, (Carolyn Guertin) at Faculty of Extension, University of Alberta, Canada
  • Tinity College, Dublin 2001 Powerpoint Course Syllabus using Sampers
  • Literature in Transition, NEH, (Kate Hayles) 2001, using Disappearing Rain
  • College Writing 108 Fall 2001, version 3.0, University of California, Berkeley using Father Figures
  • English 165 Hyperliterature, English 236, andHyperliterature 328 at UC Santa Barbara Department of English (Alan Lui) using Bubbles
  • English 115 at Vanderbuilt University using Samplers (2001) using Bubbles
  • English 652: writing hypertext, Virginia Commonwealth University, (Elizabeth Cooper) Fall 2000
  • Hills State University, South Dakota, Fall 2000 using Samplers

I also wrote and designed a hypertext for Reclamation--now you can explore ways to actually get things done in government.

Please e-mail me (textra AT chisp.net) to find out the precise URLs for works in progress.








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NOTE: The University of Virginia's Center for Digital Discourse and Culture has graciously offered to host this and other web -art and literature sites to promote new media literature and art.