to within

She dropped her hand from the chosen one's now changed throat and looked into the glass cage. The cobras were loose. Small quick packets of death hidden in her house. For the first time, she knew fear. And looked in mind numbing terror into the piercing blue eyes of the chosen one, who now resembled her in nearly every detail.

"You want to know where the others are, don't you?" the chosen one's voice was clear and quiet, taking her terror for granted. She nodded, unable to lift her eyes away from this transformation.

I'll show you." the chosen one still moved like a cobra, moving its unaccustomed arms and legs in fluid, unhurried gestures that filled the air around them.

She followed the chosen one as it pointed out first the shadow of one cobra in the corner of the kitchen, a cobra backlit on the windowsill above the couch. She stabbed these with the snake catcher's claws as they moved along, never waiting to notice that the pierced bodies vanished like sun dreams.