Deena Larsen
633 Oak St. #1
Lakewood CO 80215

Summary of qualifications

My new media writing has been published by Eastgate, Iowa Review Web, and others, and taught in universities and school systems. I develop and moderate workshops for new media writers. I work as a web designer for a large government agency, and have developed internet policy and technical standards for online documentation. Further, I design, facilitate, and moderate courses on complex decisionmaking for government agencies.

Hypertext community work

I have worked as a new media writer and have helped to build the hypertext/new media writing community for over a decade.

Chat host for the Electronic Literature Organization chats, 2000- present twice monthly chats that feature leading hypertext writers to discuss issues in electronic literature. Organize, publicize, moderate, and archive.

I have proposed, designed, developed, moderated, and coordinated the first workshops for new and experienced media writers.

  • New media, new dimensions workshop for the Baltic Circle Hypermedia Conference, Finland, March 17-19, 200
  • Master Workshop at University of Technology, Queensland, February 10 -14, 2003
  • Hypertext Writers Workshop (at ACM Hypertext Conferences from 1996 - 2002--coordinated but did not present 2001 and 2003). Proposed, developed, organized, moderate, coordinate these workshops, which have grown from 5 participants to 50, and from a single session to four sessions.
  • OWEL (Online Workshop for Electronic Literature), a monthly workshop for new media works in progress. Organizing, moderating, and publicizing 2000 - 2002
  • Digital Literature Workshop at Digital Arts and Culture April 24-26, 2001. Organizing, moderating, publicizing.
  • CyberMountain, 1998, a four day workshop for writers, software developers, and researchers for new media literature. Organized, publicized, moderated, and ran.
Hypertext fiction

My works are among the first published interactive and collaborative hypertexts and web work. My new media writing has been reviewed in journals and websites, including Wall Street Journal, Utne Reader, Hipertula, and Hyperizons. My works are taught in universities and school systems internationally, including Princeton, UCLA, and SUNY in the U.S. and the New South Wales Board of Education curriculum 2000 -2001 in Australia.

Presentations and conferences
  • How could it go so quick? Archiving issues at Web communities and webfair: Association of Writers and Writing Programs, Chicago, Illinois, March 27, 2004
  • At the crossroads: merging the text into new forms, Baltic Ring Hypermedia Conference, Jyvaskyla, Finland, March 19, 2004
  • The Princess Murderer: Readings in electronic literature with geniwate, CalArts, Los Angeles, California, March 1, 2004.
  • Hyper_text in electronic literature, UCLA Hammer Museum and ELO Reading Series, Los Angeles, California, with geniwate, February 27, 2004
  • Hypertext and hypermedia: intro to hypertext literature, University of Colorado, Boulder, with geniwate, Colorado February 17, 2004
  • Progressions in New Media: Where we've been and where we are going, University of Technology, Sydney, Australia, May 18, 2003
  • DAC--the Idea Oddessay, trAce, 2003
  • Language Dancing in a Maze: Ternary Logic, Language, and Mind-States in Glide, Digital Arts and Culture May 19, 2003
  • 'New Media: We just couldn't go there before' What is the potential for writing and art with new technologies? Guest lecture at University of Technology, Queensland, February 15, 2003
  • Marble Springs, exhibited at CU Art Galleries Electronic Easel, June 8 -Aug 9, 2000, Boulder, Colorado
  • Salon participant trAce Ink.Ubation Salon (trAce Incubation Conference), July 10, Nottingham University, England
  • Achieving practical development-merging skill bases (panel sessionwith David Lowe, Bill Bly, Robert Kendall, Les Carr, Peter J. Nüernberg, Lawrence J. Clark), Hypertext 2000: 262-263, May 30 - June 3, 2000, San Antonio, Texas
  • Providing flexibility within hypertext systems: what we've learned at HT workshops, CyberMountain, and elsewhere, Hypertext 2000: 268-269, May 30 - June 3, 2000, San Antonio, Texas
  • Hypertext Writing--and no, this isn't your plain old HTML, 13th Annual Pennsylvania Writers Conference: Tools for the 21st Century May 18-20, Harrisburg, Pennsylvania
  • OtherMindedness: Hypertext on the fringe (with Stephanie Strickland and M.D. Coverly), 9th Annual Cultural Studies
  • Symposium: Who Counts? What Counts? and Why? March 9 - 11, 2000, Kansas State University, Manhattan, Kansas
  • Creative Writing, Hyperfiction, (with M.D. Coverly and Lawrence Clark) Popular Culture Association, American Culture Association, February 9 - 12, 2000, Albuquerque, New Mexico
  • Future of storytelling, Rocky Mountain Book Festival, November 18 -20, 1999, Denver, Colorado
  • Hypertext Writing Possibilities, Rocky Mountain Fiction Writers Conference, October 15-17, 2000, Denver Colorado
  • Storytelling in New Dimensions, Digital Arts and Storytelling Writers and Designers: Crossing the Chasm (Panel with David B. Lowe, Deena Larsen, Mark Bernstein, Wendy Hall, Paolo Paolini, Catherine C. Marshall, Susana Pajares Tosca, Lawrence J. Clark: . Hypertext 1999: 197-198
  • September 10 1994 Guest lecturer for the Honors Program Speaking Series, Abilene Christian University.
Have given hypertext lectures and demonstrations to various organizations, including Mensa, Science Writers, and Tattered Cover Bookstore as well as at Anaconism (1997-99) and Mile Hi Con (1994-2003) Denver's Science Fiction Writers Conventions, Denver Colorado.

MA English, 1992
University of Colorado, Boulder CO
GPA 3.67
Thesis: Hypertext and Hyperpossibilities (First masters thesis on hypertext, first electronic thesis at CU)

BA English/Philosophy, 1986
University of Northern Colorado, Greeley, CO
GPA 3.76, magna cum laude
Thesis: Nansense you snorsted: A logical analysis of nonsense (Best Thesis Award of 1986)

Have continued education with web design courses, software courses, and hypertext writing courses at universities, online, and from training seminars.

Bureau of Reclamation, D-8250, Denver Federal Center, Denver CO 80227-0005

Technical Writer 1991- present

  • As web designer, helped develop internet policy, create infrastructure for web pages, and designed sites.
  • Examine and develop online business practices, including websites, databases, online proposal systems, and online training, for example, the Science and Technology Program and Native American Affairs Program.
  • Organize, write, and edit technical and environmental compliance documents. Interview, gather primary material, and write manuals and policies. Create online, multimedia manual and training materials.
  • Develop and present training.
  • Interviewed 150 experts to determine practical methods of decisionmaking in the government. Wrote manual: How to Get Things Done in Government. Rewrote as a native hypertext training site for various audiences.
  • Facilitate meetings, train facilitators, and develop tailored course work for government and private organizations, including the Japanese Ministry of Construction, U.S. Office of Personnel Management Senior Executive Training Seminar, and Reclamation area offices.
Red Rocks Community College, 13300 West Sixth Ave, Lakewood, CO 80401-5398
  Adjunct Faculty , 1993-1995
Designed course material for hypertext and technical writing courses.
Taught English composition courses.
University of Colorado Learning Center, University of Colorado, Boulder CO 80301
  Work study, 1990-1991
Tutored at-risk students and edited a book of compositions from these
ABC Academy, 7-3 Honmachi, Tajimi, Japan Faculty, 1987-1990
  Taught, developed curriculum, and wrote classroom texts for a wide
range of English as a Second Language courses
Cherena Bridal, Ltd. 21 Sakuradori, Nagoya, Japan Consultant, 1988-1990
  Evaluated company's need for English as a Second Language courses.
Tailored course texts, taught "on the job" courses, and designed self-study materials for employees.
Have also edited hypertexts, technical articles, software user guides, and books on a free-lance basis.
Honors Or Awards
  Linguarian, Fall 2000

Society of Technical Communication International Award of Merit,
Decision Process Guidebook, Bureau of Reclamation 1997

Bureau of Reclamation, 10 Awards for Exceptional Service, 5
Performance Awards, 2 Peer Awards, 6 Certificates of Appreciation
Professional Associations Memberships

Association for Computing Machinery 1993-2000
Society for Technical Communications 1997
National Association for Government Communicators 1998