Selective: Finding out what's really there

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Selective anchors are only visible when the reader does something, usually pressing a key combination.

Storyspace selective anchors

Storyspace [13] provides selective anchors as a default function. When readers hit a key combination, Storyspace will reveal the anchors, which remain undistinguished otherwise unless the author changes the font, style, or color to make them visible.

While afternoon [27] turns this feature off, Victory Garden [48], Patchwork Girl [26], Samplers [37], and other Storyspace works use it. Patchwork Girl's phrenology map uses selective anchors to reveal which portions of the mind yield. Moulthrop uses selective anchors to form an ontological map through Victory Garden as his directions reveal: "Though yield-words often create discontinuities, they also map connections. [46]"

Indeed, McLaughlin instructs his readers in Notes Towards Absolute Zero [42]: "Some of the screens contain words which yield to additional spaces. To see these words, hold down the control and option keys at the same time, then double click on the boxed words to follow that link. In some systems, the elements are best selected by dragging the mouse across them rather than double clicking. [42]"

Other selective anchors

While our samples did not provide any web-based examples of selective anchors, these are not necessarily confined to Storyspace. WebCT, a computer based learning software, offers the option "to reveal a hidden link on an Organizer Page. [123] "