Striking: Get noticed

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Striking decoration differences are drastic changes in color, font-type, font-face, or font-size for text anchors, or a dramatically different layout and feel for anchors in a graphic setting. Striking goes beyond even the expectations that have grown on the web that the anchors will be noticeably different from the surrounding materials. By using radically different elements, these anchors can form a metacommentary.

Shouting a message

Anchors that stand out from the background can be used in many ways:

  • High Crimson [11] uses a striking menu of anchors to provide a different look and feel for subsections.
  • I'm Simply Saying [35]uses an inserted handwritten font for anchors so that the anchor words become an active inset to the text.
  • Doonesbury [64]uses a striking anchor menu to present vignettes and drive the site.
  • The only lighted features in The Rainbow Factory [22] are the window/anchors to peek into their black doings.

May be irritating

The original striking anchor, the blink tag, is no longer in popular use. The HTML Encyclopedia condemns this striking anchor: "This is not a standard HTML tag and is deprecated by most authors. [119] "