[14] Eisen, A. Six Sex Scenes. 1996. <http://www.geocities.com/penelope4515/

Text Menu

This work primarily uses a standard moderate text link decoration for a menu bar at the bottom. Text anchors repeat the title of the node linked to. While node titles offer polyvalent insights into the content, these menu text anchors are mostly denotative. These separations of anchoral from nonanchoral content creating the impression that the nodal lexia are separate and independant from each other linked tenously by title rather than embedded in the text.

title page for six sex scenes
Screenshot used by permission.


The text is a courier type, reminescent of a typewritten letter. The anchors use the same font, differentiated only by the underlining and red text. The spareness of the screen makes these splashes of colors, and thus these anchors, stand out more than they would on a more decorated screen. Like A List Apart [2], the visited anchor scheme is reversed: red anchors indicate non-visited nodes while black indicates visited nodes.

text anchors at the bottom
Screenshot used by permission.

Note that Eisen's other work, What Fits [15], 2000 uses the same denotative anchor structure, but without the introductory graphic map.

This limited menu only connects to selected lexia. Unlike Same Day Test [25] or Joe's Heartbeat in Budapest [49] which offer limited anchors that respond to the content, the menu at the bottom is connected thematically, similar to Penetration [29.