[22] Howard, P. The Rainbow Factory . <http://www.hphoward.demon.co.uk/flash/rainbow.html>


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The Rainbow Factory is a flash work that provides a delightful little look into the grimy business of making rainbows. The intro provides an animated anchor simulating entering the factory gates:

Screenshot used by permission.

Like Afterimage's [7] introductory animated anchor, this provides an expectation and allows the reader to "enter" the world of the work.


The Rainbow Factory gives a black comedy look at rainbow industry by providing a two tiered map of the factory. Like Marble Spring's [36] map which shows who lives where, The Rainbow Factory's map provides a spatial understanding of the content: what happens in which room of the factory. The lower levels twist the content of the upper levels: from a correct refracted light in the upper window to a buggered up one in the lower window. These maps compare with Saturn [60], IDEO [24] or Garnier Fructis [20], which relate products to portions of the map tangentially.

Screenshot used by permission.

Here the windows are metaphorical anchor maps, rather than literal ones such as Questacon's [55]. Unlike Saturn and Garnier Fructis, which attempt to provide a content-to anchor connection, the window anchors are ambiguous--they do not have a direct content-to-anchor relation (any of the actions could be triggered from any of the windows with as much meaning).