[24] IDEO Web design company home page. 2004. <http://www.ideo.com/ideo.asp> (efferent)

Text Menu

Ideo won the 2003 Webby Business Award for creative services [117]. (Bankrate [3], brandchannel [5], PeopleSoft [53], and Kidbuilding [31], also won 2003 Webby Awards) The judges did not specifically cite anchor, link, or navigation excellence, but it is worthwhile to examine a creative efferent site's use of these devices.

The main page uses both top and bottom menus--the top for information about the company, with denotative links, and the bottom for examples, with pictures from the examples serving as iconic links.

The middle also provides graphic anchors that lead to features. Like BBC [4] and Bankrate [3], subject anchor clusters are spatially divided into sections on the node, separated by color.

IDEO home page
Screenshot used by permission.

The top menu does not have a classification, but like FirstGov's [18] top menu, the denotative links show that this is about the company:

top menu enlarged

Screenshot used by permission.

The top menu is carried through other pages as a one of many navigation schemes.

about IDEO
Screenshot used by permission.

Many of IDEO's anchors are layered, drop-down menus that provide the same destinations but in different orders, such as view by client, category, or

dropdown menu
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The bottom menu provides enticing images of their sample design work to lead readers into the examples. The classification, as such, is in the overall anchor description, "profiles."

bottom menu enlarged

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Subpages also use other graphic submenus, a bit more abstract and less tied to products than Garnier Fructis [20] and Saturn's [60] maps. Unlike these maps, the submap has names of anchors on the denotative map itself.

another type of menu.
Screenshot used by permission.