[38] Larsen, D. Sand Loves, 1999 <http://www.deenalarsen.net/sand/> (aesthetic)


Text Menu

Sand Loves presents a two fold anchor system: a graphical "map" which provides a denotative "directory" to each title in the short work, and an embedded text anchor which functions as a connotative connection to bind the work thematically.


Like Ferris Wheels [33]and Disappearing Rain [32], Sand Loves uses the titles of the nodes as a poem in itsef. The kanji on the left (earth) shows the map structure (e.g., castles and crabs are parallel nodes). Each node then plays off of the name and expands the potential meanings of that name/anchor. The current node is highlighted with a box around the words.

Screenshot used by permission.

Like The Pines at Walden Pond [39]and Ferris Wheels [33], Sand Loves keeps a map corresponding to the structure with each node and indicates where the current node is within that structure.

Embedded text

Although there are only eight nodes, each nodal text contains two embedded anchors, providing a rich anchor to node content density.

Screenshot used by permission.

These embedded anchors provide connotative interpretations from the contexts of both the origin and destination nodes. The anchor "follow us" leads to toes forever, which emphasizes how long the sand follows and what we will remember.

Here the origin node's time frame (days afterwards) morphs into the destination node's timeframe (centuries to come) with the anchoral emphasis from "follow us."

Screenshot used by permission.