[46] Moulthrop, S. Pax, 2003. <http://iat.ubalt.edu/moulthrop/hypertexts/Pax/> (aesthetic)

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Like War Games--Catch The LandMine!! [40], Pax presents a game-like interface in its animated anchors. The game here is to engage the characters by clicking on their images as they fly by the left hand portion of the screen. The more the reader plays with the character/anchors, clicking and holding them to engage in a conversation, or attempting to click on two of them to see the interplay of thoughts, the more insights the reader can gain into the text. As Moulthrop explains in the intro, "As in other forms of cybertext, you need to engage the system in order to elicit content. The instrument invites play. [46] "

Screenshot used by permission.

Like Him [9], What We Will [66]and War Games--Catch The LandMine!! [40] the page is carefully divided into sections of anchoral and non-anchoral content.

Like 25 Ways to Close a Photograph [41], the anchors are equivalent to the characters, but here the characters have more than one associated lexia.