[62] Strickland, S. True North. Watertown, MA: Eastgate Systems, 1997. (aesthetic)

Text Menu

True North uses Storyspace [13] to provide a map of the poem spaces. The Storyspace map mirrors the thematic construction of the poems. True North presents a series of interconnected poems, each on its own node.

Embedded text anchors

Like the later The Ballad of Sand and Harry Soot [61], True North is a lyrical interweaving of themes indicated by color.

Screenshot used by permission.

Selective anchors

Where The Ballad of Sand and Harry Soot is in HTML and hidden anchors can be indicated by a cursor change, True North uses the selective anchor properties of Storyspace to indicate these changes:

Screenshot used by permission. Selective anchors drawn in.

Map view

True North [62] uses Storyspace [13] 's default map view to arrange the major and sub sections into evocative connotative images which reflect the theme. Strickland carries her color theme into the default map anchors.

main map for True North
Screenshot used by permission.

These node/anchors are painstakingly arranged to reflect the content of the subsection. Blue Planet Blues is a blue revolving planet:

sub map for True North--Blue Planet Blues
Screenshot used by permission.