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24 hour renga at BALTIC

conceived by Alec Finlay

“Although the renga is an ancient form, the experience of sharing in a group consciousness and working within a structured democratic compositional process gives the performance a utopian social aspect – the renga is balanced between literature and the social world in its widest sense.

The renga has three sections (Jo, Ha, Kyu). Each verse has a specified seasonal theme, while other themes are suggested for sections of the renga. The themes ensure that the poem touches on every aspect of life and nature. The 100 verse renga could be thought of as a year, which we travel through, and also as one lifetime; or the writing process could be thought of as a computer programme, with fixed and random characteristics.”

Alec Finlay – October 2003


1. Bruce Bamber
2.John Cayley
3.Ken Cockburn
4.Paul Conneally

5.Anne-Marie Culhane
6.Alec Finlay
7.Linda France
8.Harry Gilonis

9.Elizabeth James
10.Ira Lightman
11.Gerry Loose
12.Martin Lucas



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