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haikumania is about connection

the digital arts world and in particular web-based work has become perhaps overly concerned with interactive code works

e-literature often indicating 'hypertext' and there are some wonderful hypertext works already out there and being produced


other works include experimentations in word modulation through code and works that now present code itself as literature as art


haikumania is interested not so much in creating interactive hypertext works although there are some examples within the work

but in the process of intellectual of personal connection that the web and especially electronic mail can bring to the creation of collaborative works


haikumania's starting point is the linked renga poetry of Japan and the process of artists and poets coming together with a renga leader or master

to create a collaborative piece where the final piece is greater than the sum of its parts the creation of a renga piece the process in itself being a performance


some talk of renga being conducted in sacred spaces well yes but such spaces are where ever the group decides to operate

a specially created space a gallery around the kitchen table a busy shopping street the park a nursery school a prison hall the worldwide web


haikumania has worked in all these places all in their own way becoming sacred as the space between and connecting individuals

where they create together collborative and connecting works 'interactive arts-ren'


for clarity haikumania uses the term 'renga' to refer to any linked poetry work

with its roots however tenuously in the haikai tradition this might encompass all new linked forms


the term 'renku' is used to refer to works that choose to explore more closely the writing of linked works

that stay closer to the traditions and rules of japanese linked poetry in particular the use of seasonal words link and shift


the wider linked arts pieces are reffered to as 'ren' ren from the Japanese loosly meaning connect or connection


haikumania is interested in how works might include actions connections and creations in and between the digital and the chemically coded worlds

to promote active connections between individuals and communities at local national and international levels

by connecting we can change the world


haikumania could not exist without the hundreds of individuals that have contributed to and continue to contribute to it

i thank them all i thank you all each day you change my world change me


paul t conneally


october 2003





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