Phrase and Fragment

paul conneally with Martin High School Anstey Charnwood Leicestershire UK



a man trying

to save a lady

from a spider


james mistry


On 'Big Art Day' poet/artist paul conneally introduced students at Martin High to Japanese Ukiyo-e prints and haiku poetry.

The students brought in 'fragments' from home and collected other 'phrases and fragments' from the school grounds/environment.

These were used to create haiku and collages that were combined to produce haiga - pictures with poems.


The chemically coded works were exhibited in Loughborough Museum as part of the ''Where I live - Where I come From' project for a three week period.


The works were also digitally photgraphed and printed out to create 'flat' prints that sought to link back

to the Japanese Woodblock Prints (Ukiyo-e) that the workshops started with.


Click the picture to enter a gallery of the digital images.


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