paul conneally and marlene mountain
april 3-april 12 2005

'the dubya connection'
five mountain sonnets

'it's the birds that's supposed to suffer not the hunter'
george w. bush, january 22 2004

state of the nation more protein less fat nothing tops turkey
mock thanksgiving platter for trained troops
r&r no babes and booze but plenty of free chocolate
on tv a soldier kisses his big gun longer
white feathers for the boy that never wanted to go to war
kids' video games beyond perfect for recruitment
in the heart of vice city a twelve year old mows down a cop
serial rapist poked/prodded what's there with guys
in the old pond a great crested grebe chokes on a bullfrog
right to life perfected by right-wing republicans
clinic doctors forced to arrive and leave by the back door
feds' bargain dynamite hid near my neck of the woods
whatever happens that old wile e coyote just never gives up
mother nature in the headlights back & forth run over

'a prisoner too but for bad reasons'
george w. bush, january 13 2004

neocons piled naked every thursday by the words of god
a lamp lifts by camp x-ray's golden door
mr ashcroft gone his 'patriot act' scares shit out of privacy
just in case electronic tags and curfews but no trials
sharp tony or lap dog who lied whom into lies of the century
another cell on death row becomes vacant
brain twister a librarian's hubby and son of a 'higher father'
mental illness reason enough to be locked up
the family values bunch who'll rescue each female on earth
trapped in the house with repeats of fantasy island
marriage amendment only one of each who over 50% divorce
all smile for the pre-nuptial agreement photograph
'coalition of the willing' thinned out arms legs some heads gone
the price of oil body bags and tears

'think beyond the immediate'
george w. bush, april 22 2004

light drizzle a washing line full of granddad's shirts
'wetbacks' for dirty jobs or maybe dirty bombs
in the city financiers take a position on next year's oil price
let's rape the alaskan wilderness not just a dream
half-baked policies hot on the outside but cold in the middle
medicare medicaid soc sec let's muck-up or worse
how many more reasons can there be to not sign up for kyoto
a mispronounced city usa loves the lawn mower
say something enough times and it will start to sound true
43 & co impeached 43 & co impeached 43 & co
why worry if the medication works just keep on taking it
ruined it all for old jeb that nervous wreck look
still waiting for that kinder gentler nation dad promised
we suffer from texas fried brains

'joe, i don't do nuance'
george w. bush, february 15 2004

a big word from yale for a guy with a few syllables short
war speak not showing just telling
'hard work' to be prez his repetitions fodder for comic relief
i'm pro-life all those corpses can't be wrong
hey dubya if freedom's god-given why hasn't your god given it
shackles and chains this year's hot stocks again
corporate greed halaburton gets the big breaks mr dick's bulge
fundament the part of the body on which one sits
who gets the popemobile more misogynists heaped with praise
no shoulder pads but bigger and bigger suvs
here's cash to buy our meanest jets to control the canaanites
give a dog a bad name and make him live up to it
they want to attack our uniqueness as usual shop 'til you drop
supermarket fruit picked by workers for a poverty wage

'thank the astronauts'
george w. bush, january 14 2004

think golf think non-stick pans think guided missiles
mother's 'wild blue yonder' red white & blue
a flag that doesn't flutter in the name of god and country
in secret a man's ashes to the moon keeps me pist
so pleased to find there's maybe-life on mars and minerals too
new activity on cape canaveral the short straws
let's make poverty history a branson planned trip into near space
while everyone's in rome a condom drop over africa
an experiment to find which way sperm swim in zero gravity
just shy of the outer limits a japanese haiku contest
a close encounter of the worse kind by the cheese counter
one hole in the ozone led to streets lined with gold
after all we know still showing the kids the man in the moon
star wars still in the works still unworkable

marlene mountain


paul conneally