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Even the Blades

even the blades of grass
are stilled, in the dew
this summer morning

alastair Watson

This morning I walked barefoot in the dew covered grass of my lawn.
It's early and I can feel a wet coolness around my ankles.
The air is still, the sun already bright, warm.

dew between my toes
I hang my wife's underwear
up close next to mine

I look out to Beacon Hill, my first real look since returning home last
night. She's got a slight haze about her. The kind of haze that lets you know that
it's going to be a great summer's day.

From the corner of my eye:

morning shadows
a pair of pied wagtails
pick off early rising flies

Paul T Conneally
30th July 2000
21:38 British Summer Time

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