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Good Friday

a *loaforenga

Paul Terence Conneally & Debra Woolard Bender




Good Friday

breakfast of hot cross buns

on a cracked plate


pretty waitress - - the young vicar spills tea

wet warmth spreads through a brown tweed suit

soiled pyjamas thrown under the bed

potty full of flowers by the front door

seed packets on tongue depressors

ice lolly stick stuck in the drain

slow van trailing music and children

the neighbour's boy plays tin-can soccer

jersey and cleats in moth balls

six butterflies on the Lilac tree

garden wedding - - bride's mother wipes away tears


the taste of salt

between two lovers

fine times and foul

even the sea brings gifts

to storm ravaged shores


a turtle buries her eggs in the dune

plastron - - future past written on shells

the milkman consults his book of changes

hanging on the wall - - no green bottles

baskets of pansies sway in the wind

this way and that - - a weathercock spins

cop on point duty waves to his dad

rail commuters race the whistle

marathon runners going through pain

quick ladders up her nylon hose

finding this time easier than the last


primary exam

division problems solved

on five fingers



Loaforenga Instructions & History

The Loaforenga is a new-form renga. Hybrenga (hybrid renga)is the concept of combining several Asian verse forms into one renga-style poem. The Loaforenga hybrenga combines 4 verse forms, in one 5-sectioned poem:


(1)Lorenga, (1)Forenga (2)haiku, (1)tanka


The hybrenga concept and Loaforenga form were created by Debra Woolard Bender and Paul Terence Conneally in April 2000.


The Lorenga is a new-form renga created by ai li as shown on her website, "still." We have used the Lorenga to form part of the structure of our "Lost and Found" (Lo-a-fo-renga hybrenga. Paul created the Forenga as our counterpoint to the Lorenga form.


The Loaforenga is most suitable for 2 or 3 players although bigger groups could play. The theme of the Lorenga's last line must be loss. The theme of the Forenga's last line must be something found. The Loaforenga follows the traditional renga linking rules throughout the entire poem.


The form for two players is as follows:

Haiku/ A

Lorenga/ BABABABABAB (11 one liners/ last line refers to "loss")

Tanka/ AAA BB

Forenga/ ABABABABABA (11 one liners/ last line refers to "finding")

Haiku/ B


The form for three players is:


Haiku/ A

Lorenga/ BCABCABCABC (11 one liners/ last line refers to "loss")

Tanka/ BBBAA

Forenga/ CABCABCABCA (11 one liners/ last line refers to "finding")

Haiku/ C


Poetry Paul Terence Conneally (UK) and Debra Woolard Bender (USA)


ai li's 'New Linked Forms' has explanations and examples of a large number of new linked forms with guidelines - all of them are suitable for connecting and creating with others around the world via electronic mail or by connecting in the chemically coded world perhaps around the kitchen table or in the park...


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