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'the god connection'
Ten Commandments
august 26 - november 17 2003
10 mountain sonnets
marlene mountain francine porad paul conneally stephen addiss nancy smith
gary gach cindy tebo carmen sterba ray rasmussen michael rehling gary blankenship

'Thou shalt have no other gods before me.'

another autograph collected the crowd unusually unruly
13-year-old reality tv star of her own fantasy
god sides with the feds the monument of 10 has left the rotunda*
no gods at all but lots of worship going on
many prostrate themselves as the alabama idol is hauled away
almighty microsoft what if bill gates is behind the pearly gate
built for the fox god a shrine on a hill
sleeping in the pew he dreams of madonna
such a jealous pussycat she says
japanese haiku who can get over it
studying all religions just in case
the running back on probation until after the season
all round the world cave paintings of fat mamas
the sound of bat wings above the feaces flecked altar
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'Thou shalt not make unto thee any graven image.'

toward shevinity 'on every high hill and under every green tree'
the toadsmouth a rock in the peak district that says you're almost home
so let's blast some more statues in afghanistan
obeying god's 2nd commandment the feds move the graven words
church green a lot of gw's in the collection basket
less likely to destroy the images of others if one creates
we'll be right back with more so don't touch that dial ok now this
sistine chapel the image of god on the ceiling
hungry as hell the 'big boy' statue beckons
the wall full of pinups at the local repair shop
the face in the mirror a joy to behold
ah censorship a jillion fewer images to clutter the museum the mind
the memory of a collection of ancient cock-shaped coat pegs
deck of holy cards with a few squirrels around st. francis
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'Thou shalt not take the name of the Lord thy God in vain.'

stalled car in Israel the driver cursed in several languages
a hammer meets a thumb
mother nature and i politely discussed the heat and man-made air
jeez you're looking good!
god for a moment i thought you were someone else
from where god's name was placed in vain it's taken by law
grandpa's story the day his mouth was washed with soap
swear words on the bathroom wall
all those leaders with god in their mouths
teen 'cool man the deity says no more mall muzak!'
'god damn' not considered cussing in our crowd
'for pete's sake' and i remember my grandmother's displeasure
say 'jumping kangaroo' instead of repeating your dad and brother
oh shit
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'Remember the sabbath day, to keep it holy.'

late start on sunday not one beer before noon
sunday buffet at the casino all you can eat $5
the smell of incense and bells a priest's frock
a swell day for authority figures to eye the figures of kids
the magic screen on the altar shows pro football
the commandments moved from the courthouse locked on sundays
no television no telephone no car a far different outlook
stop give it a rest take a breath the sun moves on his own
the sunday school teacher on saturday night dirty dancing
sunday morning the adult theater every seat sold
a relief to know that decadent is okay 6 days a week
up at 11 too late for mass
a spider crawls under the kneeler
sunday social visit with a sick and needy friend
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'Honour thy father and thy mother.'

words almost all in haste i eat you i taste you i hate you
together or one at a time?
summer warning the disappearing act of the y chromosome
with the best nursing home which won't interfere with your own lifestyle
single parent household double the duty and only one paycheck
a poke in the ribs from mom at this commandment
at least visit the home before they move in
the teenager politely pleads with her addicted mom
sidewalk neckbroken dead pigeon somebody's mother
pushing the wheelchair slowly he remembers
at least on the days set out by the merchants
gluestick card an 'i love you' with the heart peeling off
finally grieving for the dead dad of his teenage years
the faded flowers replaced each memorial day
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'Thou shalt not kill.'

squashes a bug saying 'better luck next time'
today the peace tally greater than the war's
first obligation to protect oneself
after the natives are crushed law and order
the cat plays with the lizard and eventually it dies
unless in uniform or something you hold dear is threatened
in an upbeat voice the tv announcer repeats the body count
lumumba's fate the belgium soldiers watched him tortured and killed
the cat with a tail hanging from her mouth
a dead duck if it's that time of year and you've got a license
reversal - clean air regulations repealed
british american tobacco sponsor a school of business ethics
then the state murders the murderer of the murderer of fetuses
end of the fairy tale now that the witch is dead
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'Thou shalt not commit adultery.'

she took his $4 million ring but who'll wring his neck
one count of sexual assault a felony at the lodge and spa
it used to be the charge and now it's the defense
unless you get married first
just don't embarrass me she said
unless you are one of the happy majority
delightful bliss i don't want to know!
every third weekend and thanksgiving day at daddy's
his seven-year itch annually
patriarch with wives galore his lust for another married woman
spiritual retreat this time at the motel 6 with the lights out
hot for herself the clerk turns on to her guy customers
not considered adultery lesbians in the news
mounting excitement the whole village collects stones
1mm 2pc 3sa 4ns 5mr 6rr 7fp 8gb 9ct 10mm 11ct 12gg 13mm 14pc

'Thou shalt not steal.'

supermarket surely one purple grape will not be theft
his home is not a hotel despite the towels
except converts from other faiths and goods under 'fair exchange'
a town for a toe debit or credit
a convicted ceo on parole limited to the usa for vacation
prayer in school and denigrated neolithic females in church
the poor box empty under the gold altar
just before the long weekend the price increased after?
high to low low to high stocks and bonds reversing positions
pyramid scheme one scam leads to another
a t-shirt with a mummy's face on it from the british museum
hope iraqi kids enjoy their new schools the teachers well-paid
you can download 'smells like teen spirit' for free**
musical chairs a trillion dollars poof up in smoke
1rr 2sa 3ns 4gg 5cs 6mm 7mr 8gb 9fp 10ct 11pc 12mm 13ct 14gg

'Thou shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbour.'

restaurant three gossips sup on their friends' imagined faults
but i heard it on good authority from my daughter's friend
you can lie all you like particularly about those not next door
careful what you say there are laws against slander
at court she says what he says he didn't do
now tell us what was the real reason dubya you went to war
we all just assumed it was true
the latest poll 45% say the truth is not, 50% undecided
wmd's i say they're hidden in his boxer shorts
blair claims saddam could shoot his load in forty-five minutes
arnie's recall he can't remember all the women he's groped
rammed through the adult court system for life the 13-year-old
listen somebody knows but isn't talking the others blowing smoke
talking heads spread another rumor left unsaid
1rr 2sa 3ns 4fp 5cs 6mm 7mr 8gb 9ct 12mm 13gg 14gb

'Thou shalt not covet thy neighbour's house'

down the road a new double-wide & a warm-looking heat pump
the conservatory filled with the right sort of plants and conversation
a leaf outweighs your monuments by the weight of the universe
can't be impressed i don't recognize any 'a b c' car
ah then okay to contemplate his rock garden!
there goes the neighborhood
either it's too small or who'd want the upkeep?
& what's my apple doing in your kitchen?
at midnight the neighbor's hedge moves a yard closer
once it was my house until i lost my job
on the sun deck a great view of the pool next door
tho he's got a cute ass and 2 x 2 oxen i dig the wife & kids
three lawn mowers and two washers in the side yard
just a fence away from blue ribbon tomatoes
1mm 2pc 3gb 4fp 5rr 6sa 7ns 8gg 9cs 10mr 11ct 12mm 13gb 14ct

*alabama state capitol
**smells like teen spirit from nirvana's 'nevermind' cd