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created by 11/12 yr olds

Thomas Adams School, Wem, UK


in workshop as well as exploring 'haiku' in the more traditional way with young people i've been encouraging them to experiment a little and work in teams with cut up headlines to make some 'shreadline' pieces.... these facillitated by Sarah Laws from Rural Media.... as part of  our Digital Haiku Project... some of the lines will be used now to make further work...


itís now or never for thrills of nature
a little bit of pregnant woman
my experience of life
riding the storm should all snap, crackle and pop
dreams of glory in the heat of the missing link
once more confident of checks
feeling a period a sick joke
moment of truth
with the dad
winter extending unexpected
why not be a wild crocus on my grave
easter revision lucky students
i fought with a yearís rent madness
bride kicked out of




Snatch Squad of Truth


there is no need

of war

fury as seekers

play the moment


a stronger friendly model

past protest

phone link to home

cannot be all to all men

schools storytelling

capture irish party

quick fix to make

middle classes

nearly lost





tickled pink!

for a budget break, women in place

edwards misses the party in Japan

self-serving? another lesson

bosses beg brown on the front link

liechtenstein extends under siege

proud to be french

princesís power bedtime

top marks in the israeli bulldozer

saddam has proved an extension

dissing the doubting

our egos capable of any crime

new killer bug threat

mini super-zoom are born





blairís dilemma:

with the bid win back

why todayís



as air travellers

the hunted spread killer

the defence

old fool no fool

moment of the world

fears over

there is first

worldwide alert



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