>>_][ad][Dressed in a Skin C.ode_ ho.][email][list.ically documents select phases of the
mezangelle language system
and its ][r][evolution[1995-2001
]. the texts presented here act as residual traces from net.wurk practices that thrive, react N shift according 2 fluctuations in the online environment in which they ][initially][ gestated.

>>u have the option of viewing these net.wurks as singular _texts_ or selected _n.hanced_ packages. the _n.hanced_ wurks contain various n.teractive elements that require u [the user] to x.plore & x.tract meaning via mouseovers, clickable regions, audio fragments & x.tended "click-N-hold" areas. please be rigorous & patient during yr x.plorations.

>>the_n.hanced_ net.wurks use javascript [please make sure it's enabled in yr +4 browser] & Flash [get the
here if u haven't already]:
sound is [more than] relevant so please use yr volume dial accordingly. if u can avoid using netscape 6-6.2 to view the wurks, do so - howeva, x.pect only slightly reduced functionality if
viewing with netscape 6-6.2.

>>Thanks to The Center for Digital Discourse and Culture for hosting _][ad][Dressed In a Skin C.ode_. This project has been funded by Connelly Temple & the Studio Residency Program @ Wollongong City Gallery, as well as being assisted by the Commonwealth Government through the Australia Council, its arts funding and advisory body.