This ongoing project is an experimental investigation using Google search results to research and reinforce society's changing attidudes and roles towards art, religion and technology .

In rearranging, subtracting, deforming and decontexualizing the stored search results, a 'new' meaning arises not directly fitting in the mundanity of the original Google result listings.


Started winter 2005 and adding to it on a more or less regular base.


To fully experience you should put your browser in full screen mode, preferred browser to use is Firefox.

Click on one of the images, lower row (big) or upper row (small), the result will appear in a new window.

By programmatically adding childnodes, derived from the stored Google results, the visual output is constantly updated.
Every piece is more or less constraint to a time frame and will repeat after a certain amount of time.
The indications below the images are very rough time estimatations.


To be viewed as standalone browser pieces or as a gallery installation when projected .


See for more.