Karin Kuhlmann (bio/statement)   

I was born in 1948 in Wiedenbrück, Gemany and now live and work in Verl, Germany.  After leaving school (1965) I studied photography and graphic design and earned my living for more than 25 years as a commercial artist (advertising) working with traditional (analog) means of creation. Any kind of designing, painting and illustrating has been all the time part of my job.

At first I was an employee of Bertelsmann publishing house and worked some years in the publicity department of the Nobilia factory, a furniture and kitchens producer. Since 1976 I have been working as a freelancer for several publicity agencies and advertising departments and shaped every kind of publicity resources, like prospects, mailings, advertisements and product designs. As an example I cared for a club-journal for Radio Télé Luxemburg (RTL) for several years.

In 1994 I discovered the computer - which had been that far only a working tool, as my personal artistic medium. Between 1994 and 2007 I extended my activities on three fields:

1. Graphic work with my own photos.Digitally edited photo-collages of flowers and landscapes, frequently completed with paintings, expressing the connection between the perceptible picture and imagination. Most of them have been awarded in the annually hold Corel World Design Contest.

2. Work with 3D-programs. 3D-illustrations and landscapes in a surrealistic manner also digitally edited and supplemented with paintings.

3. Experimental and abstract works. Since beginning to use the computer as a personal artistic tool in 1994 I tended more and more towards abstraction. Especially the game with geometric forms and the research into the visual and emotional possibilities of several graphic methods are of great interest for me. i.g. to work with fractals which are always the visualized solution of a complex mathematical problem - but viewed in isolation of mathematical questions and contents they are graphic patterns as a snapshot of the infinity. Drawing by algorithmus depends widely on coincidence. However generating and selecting of dynamic organic forms, their editing and coloring, is based on what psychologists refer to as 'subjective perception'.

My subjects are human relations as well as personal and social conditions.

If you would like to see more of my works please visit my homepage at: