Mark Marino (bio)   

Mark Marino produces and critiques chatbots and other new media. His work on Borges ties in to his recent collaborations with several Spanish-language critics of new media. "Marginalia" also builds on his recent critique of annotation systems "Ulysses on Web 2.0," forthcoming in James Joyce Quarterly.

His writings include:

Stravinsky's Muse (
Labyrinth (
12 Easy Lessons To Better Time Travel

He blogs about elit on Writer Response Theory ( and Critical Code Studies ( He is also the editor of Bunk Magazine (, an online new media humor magazine. He is currently working on an adaptive hypertext novella called "a show of hands" using Literatronica (

Marino teaches writing at the University of Southern California. He has recently been exploring techniques for using Web 2.0 technologies in the writing classroom, where he also uses his 22 Short Films about Grammar. (Portfolio:

Mark has recently been appointed Director of Communication and Secretary for the Electronic Literature Organization.