Lewis LaCook (bio)   


Lewis LaCook is a poet, musician and multimedia web artist originally from Lorain, Ohio. Editor of the web journal Idiolect, his poetry has appeared in Lost And Found Times, Aught, Slope, Cauldron and Net, Poethia, Blaze, Friction, Caught in The Net, The Hold, 3rd Bed, Avant Garde Times, PotePoetZine, PotePoetText, Littoral West, Interweave, Black River Review, Whiskey Island, The Coventry Reader and Luna Negra, among others. Anabasis published his long poem Cling as a chapbook in early 2000, and he has collaborated with the poet Sheila E. Murphy on a book length poem entitled Beyond The Bother of Sunlight. He co-edited the first Slope New Avant Writing sampler with Ethan Paquin as part of Slope's fifth issue. A Writing Mentor at the trAce Online Writing Centre at Nottingham Trent University in the UK, he is fascinated with both object-oriented programming languages (C, C++. QuickBASIC, Javascript) and the possibilities of hypertext media.