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Andy Campbell is a writer and web artist. His website Dreaming Methods (www.dreamingmethods.com) experiments with the possibilities of merging narratives with other media and has been described by the Times Educational Supplement (UK) as "one of the most impressive purveyors of the new art of internet reading... a distinctive voice that could not be replicated in print". He is co-director of One to One Productions Ltd (www.onetooneproductions.com) an innovative arts organisation that specialises in producing and facilitating creative media projects with companies, groups and individuals both in the UK and overseas.

And a brief statement about what draws me to new media writing, etc -

"Having grown up with home computers always being around, I'm attracted to digital writing because it feels both natural and like the inevitable future - however far away from the mainstream concept of literature/writing that future may be. Writing in the digital medium - beyond basic ebooks and print-xeroxed static text - opens up possibilities for storytelling that have only just begun to be explored. In an age where console games, advertising and uploaded video content seems to be increasingly preferred and dominant, it feels energising and empowering to be producing original material that still requires some effort and tries to fuse together the incredible advances in new media with the power of the written word."

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