Photography, Images and additional sources credits


© Photographer: Tsu shi Wong | Agency:
Source image for bank safe with key (Book Of Aiden)

© Photographer: Monika Wisniewska | Agency:
Airplane Travel – Businessman – on the phone (Book Of Aiden)

© Photographer: Martin Purmensky | Agency:
In a meeting 1  - Plot image (Book of Aiden)

© Photographer: Anthonyjhall | Agency:
Yellow Roses on White:  button source (Book Of Aiden)

© Photographer: Stajduhar | Agency:
Yellow Fluid – Creativity dripping image (Book of Aiden)

© Photographer: Kuzma | Agency:
Happy Noise Makers at a party – (Book Of Aiden)

© Photographer: Jeffclow | Agency:
Relaxation view / Holiday & cruise Shot (Book Of Aiden)

© Photographer: Rcmathiraj | Agency:
Note paper image used for star trek parody (Book Of Mick)

© Photographer: Scott Rothstein | Agency:
Source for Compass background image (Book Of Mick)

© Photographer: Xaoc | Agency:
Source for Blue moon Image (Book Of Brigid)

© Photographer: Vadkoz | Agency:
Image of two Yellow Dandelions in Blue Vases (Book Of Brigid)

© Photographer: Jgroup | Agency:
Comedy Tragedy Image (Book Of Brigid)

© Photographer: Mjunsworth | Agency:
Source for Madrid Monument image (Book Of Brigid)

© Photographer: Ungorf | Agency:
Source for Madrid Metro (underground) image (Book Of Brigid)

© Photographer: Ralf Stadtaus | Agency:
Red Heart (Book Of Brigid)

© Photographer: Fredredhat | Agency:
Child’s Windmill / Pinwheel (Book Of Brigid)

© Photographer: Juan Lobo | Agency:
Shoelaces undone. (Book of Mick)

© Photographer: Zeffss | Agency:
Arrow Icon (Book Of Mick)

© Agency
Golden Egg in Nest (Book Of Aiden)

© All landscape photography by the author.

Image and Additional Sources

The opensource template for the flipbook used for the Book of Brigid was found here:

For the on-line version, I modified the Flash preloader downloaded from:

The black and white Image of the storyteller used in Aiden’s Page, ‘Beal’s Story’ is my own photograph of a photograph of Russian Novelists Leo Tolstoi and his grand children, as it appeared in the 1964 book:  MAN THE ARTIST – His Creative imagination. MacDonald London. 1996.

Other Found Images:
was the copyright free photograph - Foto di Giovanni Dall'Orto used in background image of the promise title.

ancient-books.jpeg – sourced here:
same images as ‘ancient_books_7136611.jpg’ also sourced here:

All SVG Celtic knot files from: specifically:
Trinity Knot Bands: The simplest of Celtic Knots found in many of the early illuminated manuscripts, such as the Book of Kells. It is also known as a triquetra or triqueta. They were common in Celtic myth and legend, known to symbolize the three elements: Earth, Wind & Fire; the Holy Trinity.

Found here: and used with permission in the off-line version of the main file.

The image: cpg359fol66r  was found at the corpus of electronic texts

The main page of ‘Promise’ image is a combined, edited and filter applied combination of images found at the following locations:
Large page of kells and Title page of O Kearneys Irish Alphabet and Catechism. 


Also found copyright free and edited/ incorporated as image masks, etc were: Great Book Of Lecan MacDonald Page Dublin, Royal Irish Academy, MS 23, P 2, f. 81r Picture courtesy of John McLaughlin – found here: - stamps file - edited. Ireland 1944 Annals of the Four Masters Michael O'Cleirigh Though originally a commemorative issue, these stamps became part of the definitive issue and remained on sale until 1969. Set of 2 Used Date of Issue Jun-30, 1944– the celtic button image - the colored decoration - used for alpha channels on buttons

The image for – computer program with dialogue warning – ‘help feature not yet implemented’ used in the Book of Stella is take from the article “Wreader's Digest - How To Appreciate Hyperfiction by Anja Rau found:
Journal of Digital Information, Volume 1 Issue 7  Article No. 28, 2000-12-14
Illustration of Saxo Grammaticus

Image of Stella Artois Bottle used under Creative Commons Attribution ShareAlike 2.5 License. Image found here

The Annals of the Four Masters reunited for first time since 1636 in landmark exhibition:

 "Cineal Mag Uidhir" (Children of the Dun Scoffer or Jester - Maguire), were one of the three clans who made up the Kingdom of Airgialla (Oriel) in the 5th Century. By the year 1302, the Maguires were already well established as rulers of Fermanagh and The MacDonnells of Knocknacloy were their neighbors to the south. By the end of the 16th Century they controlled almost all of the area within the modern county boundary.

Shadow and Substance won the New York Drama Critics' Circle Award in 1937 (sources: )

Image for ‘That bastard Hamlet, He fucking stabbed me” is the Battle of Marathon :Herodotus Tells the Story