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K’Lynn continued to save her waitressing tips so she could take a few classes in the Classics at the Pampa junior college.   She used the mythology books to help develop more intricate plots, adding to her knowledge about how to create and defeat monsters, the Hydra, the Medusa, Cerebrus.   Once Storm even ventured down into the Underworld to save Beau, making her plea to Persephone, who convinced Hades to give her Beau back.  While her knowledge helped K’Lynn’s campaigns, she took the classes in hopes of eventually impressing someone like Bradford with her practical knowledge.  In the worlds she fought every weekend, these stories had helped elevate her to one of the group’s most prized campaigners.  K’Lynn assumed the same thing could happen in real life, only instead of saving Beau, she’d be impressing Bradford.

K’Lynn: Quasi-Evil