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Really, she didn’t understand why Bradford had left so suddenly.  K’Lynn had played every move just right.  She’s saved her maidenhood, increasing the value of her chastity, while still giving Bradford a taste of possibility for the future.  It was just like a quest, only it was life.  She couldn’t believe that the one time she had driven into Lubbock, to go to a random bar with her girlfriends, this one time she’d cross paths again with Bradford.  They’d started their journey at church camp and had come back to each other after a decade of life lived in between.  And yet he’d disappeared, she’d missed her game, and now was missing her earring, too.  She wasn’t sure what she would tell Harold next week.  He’d bought the ruby hoops as a special gift to match her dagger.  In fact, she’d remembered thinking that their power might have been what allowed her to find Bradford that night.  Storm was braver then K’Lynn, so sometimes it was easier for her to pretend to take on some of Storm’s qualities.  Elves were fine boned, dainty, fierce and fast. K’Lynn felt herself to be big boned, clunky, too nice, and a little slow.  Storm gave K’Lynn an edge, one that helped her feel more certain in herself. 

K’Lynn: Quasi-Evil