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While I didn’t know Dorothy during high school, and never knew about the exorcism before last weekend, I do know she’s been fine since.  She seems to take her spirituality in stride, much like the rest of us talk about diet and exercise.  Maybe she’s the smart one, aware of something the rest of us have lost through a blind spot established by science and logic.  What good things in life are really logical anyway? Not love, not religion, not much I’d place a bet on.  Besides, the elders at Oxford knew the demons well enough back before science took over, well enough to put faces to their names.   Dorothy explained that in the end, it was religion not medicine that saved her, since the demons left her alone after that.  She said she no longer feels the need to cut, nor hears the ‘demon’ voices, and has taken no psychologically based medications, so she’s certain it was the demons.  I never agreed with her on this, but I never disagreed either.