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Somehow the pink mini skirt and tight black top with a pair of stilettos didn’t look so good in the daylight, especially while walking back through fraternity row to her sorority house on the other side of campus.  It made her a target.  The worst part about the walk home was the other fraternity brothers, those who might have hit on her the night before, or slept with her the night before that.  It was those who hadn’t passed out yet, the guys who’d partied all night that would sit up on the roof, waiting sometimes into the early morning, just to have the opportunity to insult and throw smashed beer cans at Katy and other girls.  The same ones who’d spent the night, or at least part of it with their fraternity brothers; sometimes even the guys who’d just been with a girl would join in with their buddies on the roof. They just loved catching girls like Katy, those not good enough to really stay over, those not good enough to have earned the title of ‘girlfriend.’ Despite this taking place every morning, each night it went back to same thing again, girls like Katy presumably forgetting about the insults, ignoring the bruise on their back from the last beer can.  It was just easier to pretend these things had never happened.

The Walk of Shame