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Still after last night, and especially this morning, it was hard to avoid the elephant in the room, which is what Katy had become.  She liked to joke that she was as big as both her roommates combined, in the same way she often said she’d slept with as many SigEp’s as she had freckles splattered across her forehead.  She was a red headed Irish Girl, so oftentimes the freckles ran into each other, forming constellations.  When Katy was young she used to look for constellations on her forehead.  She was a Sagitarious, one day short of Scorpio, which is what she wished she was.  A Scorpio would have helped to explain what she considered a healthy sex drive, as well as a hard exterior.  Criton, or something, she couldn’t remember exactly what the scorpions shell was made of.  She remembered only that it was tough enough that it was almost impossible to crush.  Her grandfather always warned her to grind her heel into the ground when smashing a scorpion, because the force of one’s weight alone wasn’t enough to kill it.  You really had to grind. 

The Walk of Shame