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“Friends” are the guys you’d consider being with if you were to get rid of whomever you were seeing or married to at the time.  Usually when the current one starts to strike out, you’d begin cultivating the next on deck, which is what I guess I did with Antonio.  I’m sure he thinks our affair was his idea.  But, I knew that instead of Nathan coming home, it would probably be Antonio.  Once I wore my little nightgown, with the lace bust, and see through skirt, and opened the door, pretending, to assume it must be Nathan.  When of course I noticed Antonio there instead, I feigned both embarrassment and seeming disappointment, pausing to apologize, before sauntering back to the bedroom.  Of course I went back to put on a robe, but made sure to allow the slit to show off my legs, and an occasional peek of what existed beneath, during our conversation on the couch.  I think that was the night Antonio began to look at me as something that should be his.

Catherine: Leaving Nathan