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What seems to matter most in Texas law has little to do with the actions or the outcomes produced, but rather resides within the emphasis placed on the promotion of an ideal culture, one that today remains grounded in religious conservatism.  No one seems to have a problem with dildos, for instance, when they’re referred to as marital aides, in the same manner the Victorians had no problems with alcohol so long as it was served as a ‘digestive aide.’  Thus, to help women learn about their bodies, this awareness has been taken up and promoted further by OB/GYNS; in attempts to help eliminate the stigma created by Texas law against dildos, and other cultural taboos attached to buying sex toys for women in Texas, many doctors now write prescriptions for dildos, or ‘marital aides,’ as well as vibrators, to help women with ‘sexual dysfunction.’  My guess is the sexual dysfunctions resides within the state itself, not the woman; however, the doctor’s prescription works to establish both a legal and a culturally justifiable excuse to reclaim one’s sexuality. 

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